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Tuesday, 24 October 2017
  • An innovative solution
    Minimizes the visual impact
  • The president of Tanzania inaugurates the Kinyerezi transmission project
    ARA Engineering designed foundations and towers and was responsible for field supervision.
  • Cable project in western Norway
    Using the bridge as a cable tray
  • Kinyeresi project
    Connection of a 220 transmission line to the Dar Es Salam network
  • Current upgrade of a 220 kV line in Iceland
    Landsnet, the Icelandic TSO needs to double the transmission capacity of the line
  • ARA Engineering Headquarters are in Iceland
    We have offices in Norway and Poland
  • Underground and Subsea Cables
    We have participated in both type of projects
  • The SARAWAK 500 kV Project
    Review of Contractor‘s Design of the Sarawak 500 kV Backbone Transmission Project
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Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines

BR1 850Overhead transmission line design: The most extensive part of our business has always been the design of transmission lines for all voltages up to 500 kV. Generally we use PLS software for design but a number of in-house software is available for further studies. We have a long experience in this field.

Tower design: We have different software to design towers, depending on the type of structures. We have also a long experience in tower design for conventional towers and environmentally low visibility towers.

Foundation design: We have undertaken many projects where we have designed foundations for different type of structures for various environment.

Condition assessment:  As lines get older it may be neccessary to undertake a condition assessment of the whole line or in part as the case may be.  We have a sound experience in doing  work in this area which has been presented internationally.

Voltage upgrade:  As it becomes increasingly difficult to build new transmission lines, the need to upgrade existing lines by voltage capacity improvement  is more and more urgent. We aim to ensure that the cost of the extra capacity is often economical and environmentally friendly.  

Current opgrade: Similarly to voltage upgrades, we also undertake current upgrades by replacing the conductors. As before, we aim to ensure that the cost of the extra capacity is is often economical and environmentally friendly. 

Environmental Assessment: Our senior personell has an extensive knowledge of preparing and carrying out environmental assessments. This experience includes a mix of ture of some staff providing the service in a consultancy capacity, whilst others have been on the buyer´s side in the public domain.

Quality audits:  It is becoming more important to make sure that the manufacturers of transmission line components (steel, insulators, conductors, hardware, etc) are capable of delivering the product they promise. An audit that verifies the quality and capacity of the producer may be the best thing a buyer ever does. We have been doing this for a long time.

Line routs: Choosing the correct route for a transmission line is almost always a difficult task that requires great skills and understanding of the environment, planning laws and the elements of Mother Nature etc. Here we are at home.

Ice and wind load: The most important element of transmission line design is that of the weather elements where the load due to wind and icing are the most important factors. We are connected to  researchers and meteorologists for this kind of work.

Tender documents: Tender documents are one of the most important parts of any projects. We have participated in writing the technical specification of many successful  projects over the years.  

Project management: Leading a complete project or a subproject is something we have been doing for a long time. Undertaking projects in the role of subcontractor is a particular area of expertise.

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