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Tuesday, 24 October 2017
  • An innovative solution
    Minimizes the visual impact
  • The president of Tanzania inaugurates the Kinyerezi transmission project
    ARA Engineering designed foundations and towers and was responsible for field supervision.
  • Cable project in western Norway
    Using the bridge as a cable tray
  • Kinyeresi project
    Connection of a 220 transmission line to the Dar Es Salam network
  • Current upgrade of a 220 kV line in Iceland
    Landsnet, the Icelandic TSO needs to double the transmission capacity of the line
  • ARA Engineering Headquarters are in Iceland
    We have offices in Norway and Poland
  • Underground and Subsea Cables
    We have participated in both type of projects
  • The SARAWAK 500 kV Project
    Review of Contractor‘s Design of the Sarawak 500 kV Backbone Transmission Project
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Power system analysis

Power System Analysis Dept

loadflowARA Engineering has decided to start a systems  analysis unit to complement it´s services to the world of transmission and generations.

A few of us have worked a lot with system analysis in our professional life but we have added to our professional portfolio experianced young engineers so that we will have a good mix of professionals, young and old.

We are using some of the best tools available for the system studies that we perform  

Power system modelling and analysis

Accurate modelling of power systems and correct analysis is essential in order to ensure secure operation of the power system. The power systems engineers at ARA engineering have long experience in modelling and analysis of industrial and transmission power systems. We provide consultancy within:

  • Power system modelling
  • Load flow Analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Stability analysis
  • Electromagnetic transient analysis
  • Insulation co-ordination
  • Motor start analysis
  • Harmonic analysis.

ARA engineering can provide consultancy in program such as PSACD/EMTDC, PSS/E, Febdok and Designbase.

Protection and relay coordination

Correct relay coordination is of utmost importance with respect toreliability and continuity of power. We provide consultancy within:

  • Review of protection schemes
  • Relay coordination
  • Time current charts for relay protection
  • Generation of fault waveforms in COMTRADE format for real time relay testing.

Power system planning and feasibility studies

Electricity demand is increasing. Therefore, transmission systems need to reinforced or operated closer to their limit. We provide consultancy within:

  • Early phase technical suggestions
  • Technical evaluation of transmission expansion
  • Economical evaluation of power systems.
  • Time current charts for relay protection
  • Generation of fault waveforms in COMTRADE format for real time relay testing.

Failure investigation and safety

The cause of power failure or accidents within power systems can occur for different reasons. Ageing, operating conditions, rating or other factor can contribute. If such event occurs it is important to analyse it correctly and suggest corrective measures. We provide consultancy within:

  • Power failure investigation
  • Implement lessons learned and update of best practice
  • Arc flash analysis

Project management

  •  Manage power system studies

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